Web Office Instructions

Getting Started:

  1. Install JoinNet and JoinNet Messenger(optional).
  2. Run Test Wizard to test your video, audio and network capabilities.

To Leave a Message or Join a Meeting:

  1. Click the link for the corresponding office/person. JoinNet will be launched.
  2. If you are a guest, select "visitor" and enter your name. If you are the owner of office, select "owner" and enter your password.


Office Name Status
輝創電子 Offline
陳春谷 Web
Jeff Offline
Pond chang Offline
Thomas Offline
James wu Offline
陳彥碩 Offline
林春來 Offline
李聲謙 Offline
陳均竑 Offline
張葆林 Offline
Miriam 江敏君 Offline
service Offline
林俊志 Offline
frank Offline
宋鎧 Offline
Neo Lin Offline
黃麗玲老師 Offline
廖老師 Offline
Christy Offline
台灣醫務管理學會 Offline
李世勳 Offline
林俊志 Offline
Viola Cheng Offline
fmy Offline
System Information
Local range:
Max outside connection: 396
Max outside playback connection: 16
Serial number: 035DA7AD-EB30-458A-AB8F-599DA38B7C7E
Server type: Web Office
Target bandwidth: 200.0 Kbps